Makeup Review : Heroine Makeup Smooth Cover Powder Clear [Mineral] (Kiss Me)

I always wanted a translucent powder for touching up. Touching up with powder foundation make my face cakes. =.=; Anyway when I see SASA have a sale I went and bought it. I also get the hand cream haha. I'll make the review later. 

This one is the new formula with mineral. This is my first time with Kiss Me product so I don't know what the different.

[ Description ]
- Covers pores and prevents make up deterioration.
- A smooth puff for an even finish.
- Finishing and touching up your makeup.
Its lucent color allows it to blend in well with makeup base or foundation of any color. Perfect not only for after liquid foundation but also for touch-up to unwonted shin.

- UV protection effect. SPF 22PA++
- Delicate scent of roses.
- Compact case with mirror.

Source: Rakuten

Available at Watson and SASA. Price Rm50.90 but I got at discounted price around RM35.90. 

First of all, the case. The case is bulky and I expect it to have a separate compartment for the puff. But as you can see inside it only have a clear plastic separator. Honestly I hate that plastic thing as I always lost them. 

As it mention on the box, the puff is custom made for smooth finish. The puff is really smooth and glides easily at my face. I love it hahaha xD.

The texture of the powder is smooth. This is the finishing powder so I don't expect it to cover anything. In the last picture when I swatch it at my hand there are nothing there haha. So if the powder wear it alone, it will not make any different to my face. When wear under base makeup, it can control shine almost 4-5 hours. It have a decent oil control. What I do like is when I touch up it doesn't cake even when I put a lot of product. 

Overall!! It really a good finishing and touch up makeup!! I love it. :D

- doesn't cake when touch up
- decent in oil control
- smooth puff

- bulky
- hope there are separate compartment for puff
- expensive

- Yes! I love it :D



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