Makeup Review : Biore UV Perfect Block Milk (Biore)

My daily sunblock. I always wanted to wear sunblock. Malaysia is really a sunny place and I need to protect my skin from becoming more darker than what I already have. I have tried the normal sunblock and I hate it because it too oily and thick. >.< I think that is why I rarely used any sunblock when I'm outside. However when I started use Sunplay (the blue bottle one), I really love it. My skin love it. So I started the sunblock hunt that suitable for everyday use. Sunblock that can use at my face and body. 

Enough with the intro, I got the Biore UV Perfect Block Milk that can be used at my face and my body. It have SPF50+ and I can use everyday. :D 

BiorĂ© UV Perfect Block Milk protects the skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. UVA penetrates deep into the skin and speeds up the aging process, while UVB causes sunburn. These rays are also reflective and can cause harm even if you’re under an umbrella, fully dressed, or indoors. Daily sunblock use is good practice as it contains Rice Germ Extract that makes skin softer, and Vitamin E to protect and repair skin. It is also comfortable to use as it’s non-sticky or greasy unlike other products.


Source : Kao

Availabe at SaSa, Watson, Guardian and local mall. The price around RM16.00. I don't really remember the exact price :P. I bought it with a discounted price. I love sale haha.

The nozzle is great, I can pour the suitable amount that I want but it tends to get messy. Look at my first picture. It have a ball inside so that we can always mix the solution inside. 

It have a light texture and easily blended. The third picture when blended out but I'm too excited to take the picture. The mixture suppose to be translucent on the skin haha.

Overall, it have a light texture and it doesn't feel sticky and oily. It feel like I'm not wearing any sunblock. It also sweatproof and waterproof. The important thing that I like is the sunblock can be use on my face and my body. :D

- waterproof and sweat proof
- cheap. 
- light texture
- no oily and sticky feeling
- can be use on face and body

- the nozzle can be messy sometimes. 

- Yes. I think I already found my favourite everyday sunblock that is cheap and light texture. 



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