Makeup Review : Omega Day Shield SPF 50 ++ (Nano White)

So this is Omega Day Shield in the white shade. It have another one in beige colour. 

They said:
Omega Day Shield SPF 50++ is a sunscreen which was inspired by Japanese skin science which is incredibly light and non-greasy. This SPF 50++ has a whitening Omega White-C to shield the skin from both UVA and UVB radiation. Power-packed with HappyDermalogy™, it provides the skin instant radiance and glow. This is a must-try SPF product which does not block facial pores. This SPF50++ appears in 2 types of creams and they are in skin colour / tinted and regular / normal.
Source : Tohtonku

So this sunblock, it kinda oily for my preferences. Well after blended the greasy kinda settle in. However it kinda melted when I sweating a lot. So for me this sunblock is not suitable for me. However it have a high SPF.

- great SPF

- melt when I sweating a lot. 

- No.

Omega Day Shield SPF 50 ++ Skin Colour - click here
Omega Day Shield SPF 50 ++ - click here


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