Makeup Review : Hydration Makeup Clear Foam (Nivea)

The latest makeup remover. It is for hydration.

The price is around RM17++

I love this product as it doesn't make my skin too dry compare to the previous makeup remover that I have try. 

So the products have this shiny texture. For the experiment I have used liptint and lipstick, eye liner, concealer and bb cream. It managed to remove the basic makeup such as bb cream, concealer and some liptint. Others such as waterproof eyeliner and lipstick cannot be removed.

Overall, this products is great to use when I want to remove basic makeup. It is easy and doesn't too dry compare to the previous one. 

However there are times when my face is too oily and this product doesn't managed to remove all the foundation. So I try using the face brush and my face become more cleaner compare when I use it using my hands. So if anyone have the same problem, try use face brush. It really works!!

- hydrating and not too dry.
- handy when want to remove basic makeup

- cannot remove waterproof makeup

- Probably yes

So have you try this products? Do you like it?

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Extra White Make Up Clear Mud - click here for review
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Hydration Makeup Clear Foam - click here for review



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