Contact Lens Review : Sensitive Eyes Daily Cleaner ( Bausch & Lomb)

As I have told in the  Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution post. to clean the contact lens, this product can be used to clean your lenses. This product price is around RM8++. 

They said :
Sensitive Eyes daily cleaner removes film and debris from your lenses prior to disinfection. Skipping this daily cleaning step, even occasionally, may allow deposits to build up and cause irritation and discomfort, as well as cloudy lenses.
Key Features & Benefits
Safe and effective cleaning for extended wear lenses
Unique easy-rinsing formula reduces irritation from cleaner residue
Please note: to rinse, disinfect and store your contact lenses, we recommend renu sensitive Multi-Purpose Solution.
Source : Bausch & Lomb

However this solution is used to clean your lenses to rinse and store your lenses, use the solution Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution . I use this product as it doesn't sting my eyes. However it kinda pricey buy a separate solution to clean and rinsing your lenses. 

- doesn't sting and irritate eyes
- clean the lenses

- pricey to buy two separate products. 

- Yes

Have you use this product? Does it sting your eyes? Tell me more :D

 Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution - click here
Sensitive Eyes Daily Cleaner - click here



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