Makeup Review : Mattifying Moisturiser (Nano White Fresh)

I'm searching for moisturizer for oily skin. Before this I'm using Follow Me product and when they have discontinued I need to find a new one with the same texture. So I decided to buy Nano white fresh as it targets for oily skin. This is the same line with Nano White but this one is targeted for teenagers and oily skin. 

They said :

Formulated with Vitamin C, Tea Tree Oil and S3ea Algae, this lightweight and quick-absorbing moisturizer brightens the dull and uneven skin complexion. Enriched with active ingredients that regulates your sebum secretion, help your skin feel less oily.

Product Details

Revitalises skin with fresh waves of hydration
Leaving skin moisturized and even tone
Absorbs easily into skin leaving it feeling radiant and soft
Use both morning and night


Nano White Fresh have a cute design. It is targeted to teenagers that have oily and acne problem. LOL even when I'm almost in 30 series, I still have acne and oily skin. 

For an oily skin, this what the moisturizer that suitable for me. It doesn't make my face oily compare to others cream type moisturizer. For me I love it.

- moisturize
- suitable for oily skin

- None. I love it

- Yes!

So have you try this new products from Nano White? Do you love it?

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