Contact Lens Review : renu MultiPlus Lubricating and Rewetting Drops (Bausch & Lomb)

So this is the eye drop from Bausch & Lomb. This eye drops is cheap compare to Rohto. The price is around RM8++.

They said :
Moisturize your soft contact lenses for excellent wearing comfort with renu MultiPlus Lubricating & Rewetting Drops.
renu MultiPlus Lubricating & Rewetting Drops refresh your eyes anytime while wearing your soft contact lenses. renu MultiPlus drops contain povidone, an effective lubricant that provides moisturizing comfort. Ideal for rewetting daily wear or extended wear lenses and disposable lenses prescribed for frequent replacement. If you wear extended wear lenses, this solution can be used to rewet your lenses after sleep.
Key Features & Benefits
Effectively lubricates and rewets soft contact lenses during wear
Source : Bausch Lomb

So this eye drops suitable for soft lenses. It make my eyes moisturize and make my eyes fresh. I love it. The price is cheaper. I only hope it have the small container like Rohto. It kinda hard to put it into my jean's pocket. Anyway, for a cheap price, this eye drop moisturize and doesn't sting my eyes. 

- cheap
- moisturize
- make my eyes feels fresh

- it kinda big to bring around

- Yes. I have bought couples of times already. 

So have you tried this eye drops? What do you think? :D


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