A letter to my heart

Dear my heart,

You must be surprised for my letter. I never wrote you anything. In these few day I keep remembering you. So how are you? I hope you are fine :)

Herm what I want to say to you?? I have a lot to say to you but now when I actually writing to you my mind just freeze. I guess I wanted to thanking you for always been there for me.

You always there when I'm confused and really need someone. You always tried to comfort me with all your positive attitude."It fine..." When I'm alone you are always stay with me and you are the one I trust the most. Thanks..

You are irreplaceable. You are the one who really know me deep inside. I can't even lie to you, I'm an open book for you. I hate it, you know me to well. When I said I'm okay you said that I lie. Yes I lied but this is the only way that I can comfort myself.

You must be hating me very much. Sorry that sometimes I ignore and not listening to you. It just that you are so naive and this world is not. I hope you understand that I just want to protect you. It stupid with all the protection that I give to you, you still get hurt. Sorry.. I try my very best but you still get hurt. I'm too careless, I didn't notice that I lower my guard. Sorry again..

I'm proud with you. All the wounds that you get, you still stand still and try your best to face the world. I know it hurt so much but you still try to comfort me and saying "It's okay". I misjudged you. I never thought that you are this strong. I guess this wound is making you stronger.

I promise you I will take a good care on you. I'm not giving you to anyone anymore. You are mine forever :)

Thanks and sorry again.....

Your closest friend



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