Makeup Review : Perfect UV Protector Hydro Fresh SPF50+ PA++++ (Shiseido)

I received this sample from Shiseido. Thank you Shiseido. So in this sample I have received three types of sunblock of this range. 

They said : 
- They protection veil gets even stronger when you sweat or get wet
- Optimal sun protection from any angle of UV Rays
- Lightweight texture
- Non-sticky feeling
- Hydrating-dewy finish
- Cooling sensation
The difference between the normal wet force Perfect UV Protector Wet Force Review is the normal one have a matte finish and this one have a dewy finish. 

So this sunblock is in beige colour that will blend in with the skin. 

Another one is sunblock in white colour. 

After blended the color fade and doesn't leave oily residue. 

So overall, this sunblock is actually quite good. I used it when I was on the beach, and the results is my skin still the same and with no sunburn. It is satisfied using this sunblock when I went to the beach or doing outdoor activities. Besides that I also used this sunblock as a makeup base. This sunblock does not make my face oily or smudging my makeup. 

Overall, I love this sunblock however the price is kinda expensive. For 50ml it is sell around RM160+-. But I'm sure it will last a long time. Even the sample that I got I have used it for almost a month!!. I might bought a full bottle the next time I'm on sunblock shopping.

- good as a makeup base
- water and sweat resistance

- pricey

- Yes if I have extra money



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