Contact Lens Review : 1 Day Colours Fusion - Sparkles Series - Blushing Violet (Freshkon)

So I bought this one day contact lens from Freshkon. 
So this is the sparklers series. This version have three colours that are Blushing Violet, Shimmering Grey and Brilliant Brown. So I get myself the Blushing Violet. 

They say:
All eyes will be on yours when you dazzle and sparkle with FreshKon® Colors Fusion Cosmetic Contact Lenses. The NEW Blushing Violet makes its debut together with the popular Brilliant Brown and Shimmering Grey in the ultra-convenient 1-DAY range. Step up your style, take the spotlight. Style up with FreshKon® Colors Fusion!
Source : Freshkon

The price is around RM60 something I don't really remember LOL.. But the price is kinda the same with the monthly one. 

So this is the box. This is the old packaging. The box consists 10 pieces, so 5 pairs. It also have 30 pieces around 15 pairs. 

It have the same sparklers design. It have black outer rims. 

In comparison with the blooming pink, blushing violet is more darker, The front view is more brightly colored compare to the back view. It is making it easier to know which one is which.

This contact make my eyes more defined and sparkle LOL..  

This contact is not really noticeable when I'm outdoor. When I'm indoor you can see slightly changes. What I do like, it make my eyes more sparkle in more natural ways. 

Overall, I enjoy wearing this contact lenses as it doesn't make my eyes drying. And at the ends of the day I just throw the contact lenses without the hassle of cleaning. 

- doesn't drying 
- doesn't needs cleaning
- make my eyes more defined and sparkle

- expensive
- doesn't really noticeable under sunllight

- Yes. Other color


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