Makeup Review : Instant Lipstick Mattifier (Catrice)

I found this product the other day. The price is kinda cheap. Around RM10++ with discounted price. Anyway, with the new matte lipstick trends, most of my lipstick kinda out of trends. I have a lot of glossy lipstick and even lip gloss. So I'm thinking that using this product it could make my lipstick matte a bit. 

They said :

Matt Miracle. The Instant Lipstick Mattifier provides lipstick with a velvety-matt finish in a flash. The light, gel-like texture extends the durability of lipstick without changing its colour. The practical glass tub with a matt lid represents a premium packaging – even when the product ends up in the handbag for use “on the go”. 
Beauty Tip
Apply lipstick as usual and allow to dry. Next, dab the texture on top of the lipstick with the tips of your fingers. For a particularly gorgeous look, combine matt lips with matching matt fingernails.

Source : Catrice

So this product is from Catrice and it is in this glass case. It even have matte finish on the cap. It sort make the packaging more exclusive. I have a bit of love hate with this kinda packaging. It doesn't hygienic but using this container I can make sure I can get all the products out. It even in this glass container that kinda make me afraid to toss into my everyday makeup bag, 

So above picture is my first attempt to use this product. The lipstick with the product looks kinda glossy as I used a bit too much product. Later I tried to aplied it lightly. So the results in the picture below.

So as you can see the lipstick ended up very matte. I just love how it can transform my glossy lipstick to matte. With a cheap price too. I think the product can go a long way. Overall, I satisfied this products and it really do what it say. This is one of my recommended products. 

- cheap
- do as it commercialize 
- can use a long time

- in a glass container

- Yes!!

So have you tried this products? What do you think?



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