Makeup Review : Baby Lips Love Color Bright Out Loud! (Maybelline)

Maybelline have this cute lip balm. This range have a bright neon color.

They said :
Serious care goes bright! At last,a punch of moisture with a loud pop of color.  
What it is?
A lipbalm with a bright pop of color to keep your lips looking soft and supple all day long.  
- Infused with bright pigments for a bright pop of lively color

- Infused with Vitamic E, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter for continuous moisture & supple smooth lips all day
Source : Maybelline

In Malaysia it have three ranges of colours Striking Orange, Wild Cherry and Vivid Peach. 

Mine is Striking Orange, however mine have orange bottle and font. Different from the above picture.

The price is RM10.45 each.

This lip balm have striking packaging. I really love it. I didn't expect that the color would be pigmented and striking. It really is neon color. Even when I applied it on my lips the color still pigmented. It give my lips healthy glow and it is moisturize.
Overall, I love this lip balm and I just can't wait to try another color. 

- pigmented
- moisturize
- no weird smell
- cheap

- None!

- Yes, I want to try other color.

So have you tried this lip balm from Maybelline? What do you think? Let me know below!!



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