Foodies : Shinsegae Daebak Spicy Fried Chicken (Mamee)

Mamee have launched new products Shinsegae Daebak. 

So this product line have two types, the fried one and the soup based one. The fried one is the fried chicken flavour and the soup one is kimchi flavour. 

This product have two packaging. One is in the packs RM24++ for a 4 packs. Honestly when I heard that Malaysia would have their own Korean ramen , I thought it will be less expensive than the imported one but the price is kinda the same with the imported one. Well if I'm gonna buy this Korean ramen, I would get the imported one if the price is the same. *shrugs*

So anyway the second packaging is in the bowl type price around RM5++. 

So in the packaging. The noodles is a bit thick compare to typical Mamee noodles however it is less thick than Samyang version. 

The sauce looks more red compare to the Samyang that looks very dark red in colour. It also provide some crackers that give the 'kriuk-kriuk' experience. 

So in the packaging it stated to cook the noodles in boiling water for 5 minutes and stir fried the noodles using low fire a bit. It is unexpected that this instant noodles need to be cook. So if I bought the cup packaging do I need to cook too? Confusing LOL.. 

So this is the cooked noodles. The noodles texture is just ok. I was expecting something like Samyang version. The spiciness is just ok. For me it doesn't burn and spicy like Samyang. Just ok. I can eat the whole thing in one sitting. The 'kriuk-kriuk' is nice addition. It make you have different texture other than noodles. 

Overall, this noodles just ok for me. It is suitable if people want to try this Korean stri fried stuff but cannot handle the heat. I would buy this noodles again if the price is more cheaper. 

So have you tried this noodles? What do you think?



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