Makeup Review : Ponybrown Handcream - Fruity Punch (PONYBROWN)

I on the handcream craze LOL. Anyway I bought this from PonyBrown at Guardian. This two around RM10 something, I forgot :P

I bought this two variants Fruity Punch and Lovely Sweet.

So first I try this one Fruity Punch.

It have small tube that handy to bring anywhere. This handcream have an amazing smell!!! It is creamy and moisturizing. As the name suggested it have fruity smell. It is amazing xD. It have cute tube and delicious smell but it is not really something that I can't live without. So yeah this product is a decent handcream with amazing smell :D.

-have amazing smell
-cute tube

- none

- No, I want to try other product

Ponybrown Handcream - Fruity Punch - click here for review
Ponybrown Handcream - Lovely Sweet - click here for review


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