Contact Lens Review : Alluring Eyes- Winsome Brown (Freshkon)

So after years wanting to wear contact lens I finally pick up my first contact lens!!! I got this one Alluring Eyes from Freshkon

They say 
Brilliantly conceptualized, beautifully designed Alluring Eyes cosmetic contact lenses are the easiest route to bigger, brighter eyes in an instant.

It have 4 colours that are Winsome Brown, Mystical Black, Mesmeric Black and Magnetic Grey. So I get Winsome Brown. Because I have different power on each eyes, I get two boxes. Pricey o.O The normal price is RM69 and at the store the sells it around RM55 and if you lucky you can get RM45 LOL. :D

Also this brand sells monthly and daily. This one I get the monthly one.

So this is the stuff that I got. A lot of stuff for this contact haha.

So this is the contact, It have darker outer rims but not black and the size is a bit bigger than normal one. Yeesh first timer here.

So this is the box, 14.20 diameter. 

So this is my eyes right without contact and left with contact. (My left eye becomes red when I insert the lens LOL) It make my eyes bigger and more defined. It funny how I always taught my eyes are black but this contact have the same colour with my original eyes colour so I guess I have dark brown colour eyes. Even people surround me doesn't notice I wear contact. They just notice that I don't wear my glasses. If I look really close I can see the contact design that kinda pixel haha. 

So this is my eyes under the normal light. It looks normal. It good to be use for works or study as the colour looks normal. 

So what I think?

This contact lens is so comfortable. My first time using it, it kinda weird. Seeing everything so clearly without heavy things at my face. It is amazing!!! However there are times that my eyes are so dry so I have to use eye drops. 

The lens are thin and comfortable to use. I think it is too thin that I tear one of them when I try to insert it to my eyes. Yish. What I suppose to do? Buy another box and ended up having extra lens and keep using the same colour or just buy another pair with other colour. I'm conflicted with 2 more weeks that can be used at the non-tear one. Wasted!! :( 

Anyway, this contact is like a wake up call for me. Going out without glasses are cool. I do like my glasses, it make me look nerdy but there are times I want to look without glasses LOL.

- comfortable to wear
- have subtle colour that fits my eyes colour
- have daily and monthly
- make my eyes bigger

- pricey LOL but for me eyes I can spend a fortune!!
- I tear one of the lens.. Sob Sob. I wish they sell only one and not a pair. 

- Yes and yes LOL



ieyra h. said…
I just recently got my first pair of contact lenses but I still find them very hard to deal with. So much hassles :( Did you practice wearing it on your own or ask the optometrist for help? (masa first2 tu)
kei said…
ieyra.h: At first time, I practice wearing it with the optometrist. They teach how to insert and removing the lenses. It took 1 hour for one eye o.O. Then I practice everyday at my own. For a month, I managed to insert and remove the lenses less than 5 minutes for one eye.

So I think asking the optometrist and learn everything you need to know to wear the lenses and then practice everyday. Later you can wear it easily. Good Luck!! ;D

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