Makeup Review : Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (Pixy)

This next review is about the Eye and Lip Makeup Remover by Pixy.

The price is RM8.90. Source: Watson Online

The makeup remover have pink colour oil. LOL the oil part is pink in colour. It so cute. To use it we have to shake it and it will form a foam. To test the product let's make an experiment!!

The picture above, show my hands with all eye and lip makeup. Shaking the product it will form a foam. Put the product on cotton and swipe the makeup. To make it remove more efficiently, hold the cotton on your eyes for a few seconds to make the makeup melted. :P

So for the 1st swipe it remove most of the makeup, the full swipe remove all the makeup even the stubborn lipstick :D.

I really love this makeup remover. It can remove all waterproof makeup in a cheap price. It kinda sticky (well all oil based makeup remover is sticky) so I need to cleanse afterwards.

Overall, this is inexpensive makeup remover that do its job.

- cheap
- it have cute pink colour LOL
- it does it job very well

- I think none!!

- I'm gonna buy it again because of its price xD



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