Makeup Review : Make Up Clear Foam (Nivea)

My next one is makeup remover from Nivea. I have try cleanser from Nivea before and i don't like it. It too dry for me but when Nivea come out with the new makeup remover foam I just want to try it. So Nivea have launched three type of makeup remover that are foam, mud and scrub.

So this one is in Foam type. It target for oily skin. The description mention it for makeup remover, whitening oil control and toner. Well from the description is really amazing. The price is RM17.50/100g.

So above picture is the experiment that I have conducted. I put face, eyes and lip makeup on my hands. It become foamy when I lather it with water. After wash my hands with the makeup remover, it remove all my face makeup but it doesn't managed to remove all eyes and lip makeup. Well you are not suppose to use it on your eyes because it will sting. A LOT!!!

So anyway, my skin after using it? My skin became too dry and I really hate it. Maybe because it is targeted for really oily skin but its too dry for me. It kinda remind me why I hate Nivea cleanser before. Anyway, sorry Nivea. I love your lotion and lip balm product but your cleanser really to dry for me. 

- remove basic face makeup

- will sting your eyes
- too dry for me

- No. But I still want to try the other 2 types.

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