Makeup Review : Oh~ m'Eye Line (Etude House) Part 2

So I guess this is the second part of the eyeliner from Etude House. I don't know why this eyeliner becoming my favourite. Its not waterproof it just smudge proof but because of its not waterproof that I like to wear it. There are times when I just to need go out in 2 3 hours and I just need eyeliner so that I don't look to plain and not heavily makeup. So in this situation this not waterproof eyeliner is come handy as I don't need to use eye makeup remover. Well there are times that I'm too lazy to use point makeup remover :P. 

So when I almost finish up the grey one, I decided to bought another two. Yay for buy one free one. So this post is just to show the colour comparison. For the review you can read previous post. Oh~ m'Eye Line (Etude House) Part 1

So as you can see the colour is almost the same. The brown is more to dark brown that almost to black. The black one have intense black with no glittery. The grey one have sort of grey colour with some glittery. 

So that is all for this post for the review please refer Oh~ m'Eye Line (Etude House) Part 1



ieyra h. said…
Whoa these liners must be good since you've already bought 3.. O.O I need more courage to use this kind of eyeliner tho! My tangan tak stabil. I'm currently using a pen liner from Kate (which needs more love since I see nobody talking about it haha)

ieyra h. | blog
kei said…
@ieyra.h: Yup it really good as it so can be removed easily and pigmented. I have unpleasant memory of pen liner so I usually stay out from it but I really want to try the Kate one. So do you like the pen liner from Kate? :D
ieyra h. said…
I do! Haha. Best kot Kate eyeliner tu! :D By the way, I saw these Etude House eyeliners are on sale at AEON Bandaraya Melaka! RM10+ je, ha..might gives this one a try myself. :D
kei said…
@ieyra h.: Go and try them!! It really worth buying those expensive Korean products when it is on sale. Selalu beli brg Etude House kat situ haha :D

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