Makeup Review : Anti-Acne Gel (NuTeen)

My next review in anti-acne treatment from NuTeen.
They say..

NuTeen Acne Away Gel
Specially blended with natural herbal ingredients, Triclosan and Thanakha Extract as a targeted solution to treat pimples. Effectively contracts and reduce redness of pimples while providing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to clear pimples within a few days, thus leaving skin smooth and blemish-free.
Heals pimples within a few days
• Contracts & reduces redness of pimples
• Provides anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory functions
Size: 12ml
Source: ginvera

So this is the box. Quite a big box for small tube. The price is around RM14.20

I'm usually doesn't have acne problem like teenagers  but when I'm on heavy stress this acne decided to show themselves. Anyway, I need a quick solution removing the acne without leaving any black marks and scars. So I decided to get this just because it is cheap.

So this is what the gel looks like, kinda brownish colour. So what my opinion about this gel? This gel dries the pimple quickly.  It says that it will heal the scar and pimple marks. So in my opinions that it can reduce the scar and the black marks. It can takes a long time but it does reduce and lighten the scars. It is amazing!!!

So this is what the gel looks like when I cut open the tube :D.. 

So overall, this anti acne gel really works. It may took a bit if time to reduce the scars so yeah I love it haha.

- cheap
- dries the pimple quickly

- reduce the pimple scars and marks but slowly

- Yes!!



ieyra h. said…
This is my go to spot treatment! Love it, and I've already repurchased twice. I personally find it effective than the one from Clean & Clear and Papulex. I haven't tried Oxy Spot treatment tho, have you?

ieyra h. | blog
kei said…
@ieyra.h: Yes I have tried Clean & Clear a long time ago and it doesn't work too. I haven't try Oxy Spot treatment yet. Maybe I'll try it later :D

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