Makeup Review : Etude House Eau De Perfume 20ml (Etude House)

My recently haul. I love buying Etude House's product. So in this post I'm gonna review on the limited edition Eau De Perfume for valentines. 

This perfume have 7 different type and I just managed to get one that is "why not me" before it sold out. Sad :(

It have cute wording as the perfume name. For 20ml is kinda pricey RM80++ for a bottle. That is why I waited a long time before buying it with the price RM30 and ended buying only 1 variant. :( . 

It have glass bottle but in small size. It is actually durable because I once drop it on the floor and it survived the drops!! It have this musky sweet smell. I love it. I hate buying limited edition product because I will be sad when they sold out and I wanted more. 

When spray, it last for almost half the day. I always apply it again after midday so that is why I need a small bottle that is handy for travelling. 

- have musky sweet smell that i like
- small and handy for travel
- have cute name

- it is limited edition
- pricey

- I wish I can buy more because it is sold out everywhere :(



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