Contact Lens Review : Colors Fusion - Sparkles Series Blooming Pink (Freshkon)

Yay another contact lens review!! I'm excited. When my contact lens in Winsome Brown have tear up, I decided to buy a new one. I bought it with promotions buy 1 free 1. Go to this link and freshkon club and register. You will get member's complimentary gift with buy 1 free 1 box promotion (with normal price). You also can get birthday rewards! It's amazing LOL. 

They said

Make your eyes your most attractive feature! The Sparklers series, with two fabulous new colors, will have you turning heads with just a glance. Be radiant and sparkle with Sparklers, or be dazzling and vivacious with the original Dazzlers series. Match them with your mood, your whim, your life!

For Sparkles Series it have 6 different colours. So for this review I bought Freshkon Fusion Sparkles Series in Blooming Pink. The normal price is RM64 for one box.

It have diameter 14.20mm

As shown in the above picture it have pink design with black outer rims. At first I bought this one because I thought the colour will not really shown at my dark iris. As I have seen with the Alluring Eyes series. 

However when we see the above picture the back and front view of the contact lens, it have shown obvious colour different. The front view have really intense colour and the back have more faded colour. It really different with the Alluring Eyes series as it both have the same colour intensity. At first look I can expect that it will changed my eyes!! However, it really easy to wear it because I can easily recognized the back and front of the lenses.

So above picture is when I wear it. LOL I'm taking pictures when looking at the screen rather the camera :P. So as you can see my eyes have changed drastically. The black outer rims does enlarging my eyes. The pink colour is really shown at my eyes. It looks really weird and not natural. Who have pink eyes anyway? 

So the above picture is when exposed to sunlight. It really show the colour under the sunlight and as you can see at my right eyes the lens kinda floating. It looks weird for people who looking at my eyes but at that time I didn't experience any blurriness. So this lens have wide field of vision. (I'm shocked when seeing my eyes like that LOL). 

This is what my eyes looks like under indoor lighting I guess. It look really scary!! This colour looks scary when I wear it for the first time o.O. One of my friend says that I have that werewolves eyes LOL. However recently, I wear this contact lens on my engagement and with heavy eye makeup this contact lens looks kinda natural. 

It is comfortable when wearing this lens. It even less drying than Alluring Eyes series lens. I used less eye drops when using this contacts. I noticed that the Alluring Eyes series lens is more thinner than this one.

Overall, this is really interesting colour. Maybe it is not suitable for works or school but it definitely looks cool when using it with eye makeup for wedding or something like that. It also suitable if you want to have this mysterious aura or something. There are times I wear this contact to the mall with simple makeup and people ended up looking at me LOL. 

- comfortable
- less drying
- display mysterious aura or wolfie aura

- price
- not suitable for works or school ( but if you want to use it why not!)

- yes but not this colour LOL



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