Makeup Review : Dear Darling Tint (Etude House) Part 2

After buying my first one dear darling tint I started buying more colour when my first one started to finish up.  Dear Darling Tint Part 1.

I guess I got it all except 04 Vampire Red. I can't find the 04 :(.

So for now this is all three colour 
#1 Berry Red
#2 Real Red
#3 Orange Red

The above picture is #1 Berry Red. Among all, I really love this one. It really suitable to use at work. It have a light pink colour and it kinda looks my natural lip colour but better. I love it!!

The above picture is #2 Real Red. I have review colour in my previous review. Dear Darling Tint Part 1. So anyway, this colour looks pigmented at my lips compare to #1 that more to pinkish hue.

#3 Orange Red

The above picture is #3 Orange Red. It have this orange tinge. It looks like my original lips colour but better. I love wearing it when I don't want to seen as too much makeup but have a healthy lips. 

Overall, all this colour are cute and looks good on my lips. I'm not going to write the pros and cons as I have review it before at Dear Darling Tint Part 1

So in this post I'm just going to show the colour comparison, still searching for vampire red!!!! So that is all. Tata :D



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