Makeup Review : Power Volumising Waterproof Mascara (Elianto)

My latest mascara. I bought at Elianto because it is on discount and I really need a new mascara. The price for this mascara is RM33.00 Source : click here


elianto Power Volumising Mascara promises hours of definition and volume without fading, and provides extreme waterproof performance to resist humidity and moisture.Dress your lashes with intense colour and wear with its advanced coated pigments, formulated with synthetic and natural waxes for smooth, buildable application.
Usage : Apply two coats to curled lashes, from the roof of lashes to the tips.

I didn't like this mascara's brush. I like the comb like brush more. My review? This mascara did show some volume to my lashes but it didn't have any different with other mascara that I used before. It does clumping when I started to use more than 1 coat. Maybe the way I use the mascara is wrong but still it will be fine if I use one coat. This mascara as stated is really a waterproof mascara. Sometimes (Not always) I forgot to remove my makeup before sleeping. I ended up washing my face then sleep. The next day the mascara is still there and holding up the lashes. Even after sweating a lot the mascara still there. Sometimes it hard to remove the mascara but at least it do what it suppose to do haha..


- Waterproof
- Cheap

- Have the same volumising as other brands
- Clumping a bit when use more than one coat

 Maybe yes and maybe not. I want to try other mascara. :D



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