Makeup Review : Dear Darling Neon Tint (Etude House)

This review is the Dear Darling Neon Tint. At first I was attracted with the purple colour. From a far I was like "Waa purple lip tint?" I actually buy it because it have different colour and I'm tired with the pink colour haha XD

Start with the left one. 
#1 Neon Orange 
#2 Neon Pink
#3 Neon Magenta

This neon series have 3 different colour. So I buy the #3 Neon Magenta. 

This product have a clear tube like Enamel Gloss (Review). It have the same princess like design that look fancy and cute. The price is around RM25. I don't really remember the price and I already throw away the receipt =.=;

It have the same spoon tip. It have a more milky texture different than Dear Darling Tint that have more clear texture. The swatch show a bit purple/ red colour. After wearing it, it doesn't really show a purple colour. It is more to dark red when apply to lips. I'm not really fair so it doesn't really show the colour on my lips. It just show a bit red on my lips. It show a natural colour that I always use it on everyday use to college. So I don't mind if it shows a natural red colour. The product doesn't last a very long time and after eating, the product will be disappear. However it have a fruity smell that I like.

- cute design
- have a nice natural colour
- cheap

- doesn't last long

Yes. I want the Neon Orange haha XD


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