Makeup Review : Mildly Illumination Powder (Victoria Jackson)

The other day, when I conveniently just got money from my hard earned money, I pass on this makeup stall at supermarket. Suddenly the salesgirl say something about this new brand that I never heard of and at the end of the day I actually buy this powder. I doesn't know why I buy it, the salesgirl is pushy and say this will last long etc etc. Anyway, I buy this foundation powder set + extra refill for RM189.00. Almost RM200.00 o.O . So is this powder is good as they claim to be?

The case look expensive. The sponge is good and it glide easily. The refill box also contained the sponge so it is advisable to change the sponge each time use the new refill. 

When I use this after using BB Cream, this powder sets the BB Cream nicely and it doesn't make my face look using to much powder. It doesn't last very long. I need to retouch after midday. When using this powder alone (without BB Cream) the powder did cover my redness but not all the black spot. The powder also even my skin tone. It does prove that it have the no makeup finish. 

My review!! This powder is not suitable for a really long day. I'm using it when I'm in a quick day out. Anyway I like to use this powder when I want something that cover my redness and even the skin tone but not looking have too much makeup. I also using it to touch up my makeup. Using it as touch up is useful as it does not make my face cakey and just remove the shine. 

Advantage :

- cover redness when use alone
- have the no makeup effect while remove the shiny and even skin tone
- great for touch ups


- does not last for a really long time
- expensive

Repurchase? No. It too expensive for that kind of quality. o.O



Hazwani Syaza said…
so i just bought it too, same case as you, the sales girl. so its the bb cream first and then the powder?
kei said…
@Hazwani Syaza : Yes bb cream or foundation first then the powder but you can also use the powder alone. :D

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