Makeup Review : Dear My Enamel Gloss (Etude House)

Right now I'm in the frenzy of having lip gloss. Last time I go to Etude House and my first time being there was really interesting. It have many lip gloss and lip tint. With the sale going on I have bought a lot of lip gloss. Anyway I'm gonna review the lipgloss that I bought and used. The first one is the enemal gloss. The price is RM39.90. This one is actually cheaper than what I expect it to be.

It have a clear tube. So I can see how much product that I still have and what is the product's colour. It have a really princess like design and it really cute. I love the design. :3

Two in one – highly pigmented with enamel shine lip gloss

• Rich color of the lipstick and enamel shine of the lip gloss – two in one!

• Long lasting enamel shine and moist on your lips
- Fits on your lips with light and comfortable texture while creating a moisture sealing film
- Natural moisturizer of rose oil and honey extract

• Delicate spoon tip
- Delicate spoon tip to define your lip lines while richly coloring your lips
#1 Tomato Red
#2 Yellow Pink
#3 Pink Coral
#4 Pink Nude Beige
#5 Red Beige

Source : Etude House

I bought the #1 Tomato Red and #2 Yellow Pink

It have a spoon tip that make it easier to apply the products . Well I love the applicator.

This is the colour swatch. I forgot to show the blending swatch. Anyway. The #2 Yellow Pink look nice at me. It make my lip look have a pinkish shade and it have a glossy finish. The #1 Tomato Red make my lip a bit red and glossy finish. 

My review. I love the finish look. It doesn't really last long. It does stain on the cups and after eating on heavy meal the product have disappear. Still I love the smell and the taste. ( I accidentally taste it when wearing it :P). So yeah it still a great products XD

- have a nice colour
- cheap
- nice finish
-nice taste and smell

- dissappear after heavy meal
-stain on cups

Yes. I want to buy other colours.



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