Makeup Review : Dear Darling Tint (Etude House)

Dear Darling Tint Review. I bought this one around RM25 .. Haha I forgot the price xP

It have 4 different shade. From the left is 

#1 Berry Red
#2 Real Red
#3 Orange Red
#4 Vampire Red

Actually I want to get the vampire red because of there are no English shade name aside number at the label, I accidentally bought #2 Real Red. As I swatch among three (yes I only see 3 shade at that times. It confusing with many people and light LOL) this one is the most pigmented haha.. 

It have the same princess like clear tube like other dear darling series. I love the spoon tip, it really easy to apply. The texture is more gel like texture. As the swatch there it it is pigmented and really look very red haha. From other review that I read, Berry Red have more pinks shade, Orange Red have orange shade, Vampire Red more darker red and Real red is pure red. 

My review. When I wear alone, this product look real pigmented on my lips. However after an hour or so the colour started to fade. I have sort of dark lips. (Asian here) The product is still there but it sort of blended with my lips and it give a natural red tint. Well I don't mind when using it when I'm in no-makeup makeup look haha. It last on the light meal and after on heavy meal I have to reapply again. 

Well I don't mind to reapply again as I love the scent. Sometimes I use this product after a nude lipstick and this colour last much longer this way. Anyway even this lip tint didn't really last long I really like the look after wearing with the nude lipstick. 

- nice design
- good applicator
- nice smell
- have natural colour
- didn't easily stain mug

- Didn't really last long

- Yes. I really want the Vampire Red xD



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