Makeup Review : Extra White Make Up Clear 3 in 1 Scrub (Nivea)

So the next cleanser is the scrub.

The price is around RM12.

They say: 

Removes make up. Clears & brightens skin. 
Contains Pearl-Whitening complex, proven to give 10x better whitening efficacy than Vitamin C*. Combines 3 IN 1 effects: 
1. Make Up Remover effect
- Thoroughly cleanses 10 make up residues
2. Cleansing Scrub with Whitening effect
- Exfoliates dead skin cells & unclogs pores for fairer, water-like skin
3. Toner effect
- Tightens pores for smooth-looking skin 
For dull & damaged skin. For all make up users.

Source : nivea

Experiment Time!! So this makeup remover managed to remove the basic makeup. However I can't remove mascara and eyeliner. Well there are eye makeup remover. So this foam wash does not drying my skin compare to other makeup remover. I love it. 

- not drying
- managed to remove all makeup except mascara and eyeliner
- it have scrub

- None

- Yes. I love it :D

So have you tried this makeup remover? What do you think?

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