Contact Lens Review : Alluring Eyes - Mesmeric Black (Freshkon)

After using the alluring eyes series in Winsome Brown, I bought 4 box in Mesmeric Black and Mystical Black. Both are black but mystical black is more darker than winsome black. So I want to try black colour for my dark brown eyes. :D

They said :

Brilliantly conceptualized, beautifully designed Alluring Eyes cosmetic contact lenses are the easiest route to bigger, brighter eyes in an instant.

Source : Freshkon Club

The price is around RM68. But usually I bought it in discounted price 2 box in RM110 or something like that. 

So this review is about Mesmeric Black. 

It have new colour that is Majestic Brown. A more deeper brown colour than Winsome Brown. 

So this lens have 14.20 diameter and 8.60 basecurve. The above picture is comparing between mystical black left and mesmeric black right. As you can se the mystical black have a deeper black lines. 

So the front and the back view of the lens is kinda the same. It hard to differentiate back and front. It have a darker black at the outer rims on the lens. 

So this is the picture of the lens on my eyes. LOL. It looks natural. It really suitable if I have a professional event. It make my eyes pops but in natural ways, 

So the above is the picture with and without lens. My eyes colour look the same but the lens make my eyes larger and pop.. 

Overall, this lens is comfortable. I never have problem with Alluring Eyes series. It doesn't make my eyes drying.


- suitable for a professional event that make my eyes natural but have some sparkle or something LOL..
- comfortable
- Nothing

- Maybe not in this colour. :D



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