Makeup Review : Body Lotion In-Shower (Nivea)

This is going to be a late review on this awesome product. This is the lotion that is used after washing and need to be rinse. It is awesome as it can save time as I can use it in bathroom. 

So I receive this sample from Nivea. Thank you Nivea. Please sent me more LOL,, :D

They say :
The 1st rinse-off body lotion moisturizes your skin while in the shower.
Source : Nivea

I have tried the white one that is for normal skin. It make my skin soft and comfortable. I kinda hate those normal lotion that make my skin oily. So this make my skin soft without those stickiness. 

The black one is for dry skin. I think this lotion make my skin more soft and no stickiness. But I think it kinda the same with the white one. :p

The orange one, it is more moisturizing than the previous two. It say it have whitening effect but I can't see any changes. Maybe I need to use longer LOL. I love this one more compare to the 2 versions. 

- I love the concept it make it easier when applying lotion
- have a lot of types

- I think it kinda expensive compare to normal lotion

- Yes I want to buy the full version

So have you tried this lotion? What do you think?


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