Makeup Remover : All Finish Pearl & Mascara Remover (Etude House)

They said :

This product removes colorful glitter makeup and deep mascara and other color makeup without causing irritation. 
Fermented rice water and Green Tea Extract helps cleansing
It Also Contains Olive sprout and Lotus extract to protect lip and eye area. 
Etude House All Finish Pearl Mascara Remover 100ml – How to Use:
Shake well before using. Saturate cotton ball with remover. Cleanse one eye area at a time. Apply to eye area and hold for several seconds, then wipe with downward strokes. Repeat using fresh cotton ball if necessary. Use a new saturated cotton ball or tissue for lipstick removal. Rinse with cool water.

Source : ebay

So this the eye and lip makeup remover. This solution need to be shaken before use. It kinda oily but still not too oily. I'm not really a fan using this oily makeup remover but this one is quite good. 

I don't remember the price around RM20++.

Experiment time. From the picture above, this makeup remover managed to remove all stubborn eyes and lip makeup. I love it. 

- remove all stubborn makeup
- not too oily


- Yes I would :D



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