Makeup Review: Total Hydration Energy Mist (Za)

I forgot to review on this on. I bought and use it a long time ago. Well there are some of the products left. So this is the review on the hydration energy mist. This is the line of hydration series. It have light pink colour. I think this line have discontinued. Pity. I love this mist. 

They said :
Moisturizing mist 80mL
Instantly restores dryness and other daytime hazards and make skin smooth and radiant. 
Hold 15cm from the face and spray a few times to apply an appropriate amount over the entire face, and smooth it out with the palm of the hand. It can also be used over makeup.

Source : Za-Cosmetics

So anyway, I love this mist. It make my face feels fresh. I usually use it after makeup to make my face more dewy and at the afternoon to refresh my face. The mist doesn't feels oily and doesn't make my face feels sticky. 

The bottle have a great nozzle that dispense the mist in a fine spray. 

Well it doesn't claim to make my makeup to last or anything. So I think it just make my face feels fresh. And for that purpose I love this stuff. I just hope they have a travelling size or continue with this product :(

- hydrating
- not oily

- doesn't have travelling bottle
- have been discontinued

- Yes, but it have been discontinued



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