Makeup Review : Kissful Tint Choux (Etude House)

This stuff have been in the shelf kinda long. I almost forgot about it LOL. This is lip tint in the form of tube. It have interesting tube. I think this stuff have discontinued as I can't find it anywhere on the store or online shop LOL. So this is going to be a really old post. 

The price is around RM31.90.

As this is an old product I can't find any description on this product. It have four colour and mine is #2.

The product claim to be hydrating for lips. Sometimes when I try to take the product out I will end up with this oil stuff. I think the product need to be shaken so that the colour is mixed again LOL.

This lip tint kinda too oily for my liking. However it have a long staying power and pigmented. Well it will almost disappear when I ate LOL.

Anyway, I don't really like the oiliness and I need to dab with tissue to remove any oily. But when I remove all those oil, it kinda have a nice pink/red colour. The color is almost like my lips but better. So I think I love the color. Anyway, this is my to go product when I have a really dry lips as this product make my lips moisturize, 

- have a pigmented and nice colour
- have a good staying power!!
- it is moisturize. 

- need to shake to mix the product again
- Too oily for my liking

- Probably but I think it have discontinues. I hate stuff that is limited edition :(



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