Makeup Review : Acne & Oil Cleansing Foam (Garnier)

Thanks Garnier for the sample. This cleanser foam targeted for oily skin. 

A complete solution to fight 12 signs of acne and oil for a prefect clear white skin.
Enriched with Salicylic Acid helps to fight acne, tightens pores and reduce excess oil. Herba Clear from Blueberry extract that helps fight against acne and oil signs for bright and radian skin  
- Brighten Skin
- Reduce Acne & Acne Mark
- 12H Oil Control
- Fights 12 Signs Acne & Oil
- removes dullness
- lightens marks
- reduce spots
- reduces pore size
- fights pimples
- removes excess oil
- removes blackheads
- soothes skin
- skin looks smooth
- skin feels moisturized
- gives even looking skin tone
- protects from the sun 
Direction: Gently massage on wet face, lather instantly. Rinse off with water. Avoid the eye area. 

So this foam cleanser is actually quite good. i have an oily skin and this cleanser really make my skin feels fresh and moisturize. Well all the claims saying reduce marks etc it doesn't really make a different to my face. I think it will need more time. 

However for this cleansing foam, it really make my face feels fresh and I will probably buy the full size. 

- managed to remove oiliness on my face
- make my skin refresh and moistruze

- doesn't really remove marks, blackhead etc. Probably need more time too work. 

- probably yes



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