Makeup Review : Mask Powder (eosungcho)

I got this mask powder the other day. This is the first time hearing about this brand. 

This mask have 2 ways to be applied. 
1. To applied with toner and leave it at face for 15 - 20 minutes 
2. For relieve acne by applied at the affected area and leave it overnight. 

So I mix this mask with my Za toner (this is my currently used toner). I mix it up until it have become a paste. While using this mask I smell a strong herbal smell. Well it does claim that this product is 100% natural. 

After using it, it doesn't irritate my face. It leave my face refresh and moisturize. Don't you like the feeling of clean face after using a mask? I do.. It make my face feels clean and oil free. 

For one time usage it doesn't leave any significant different to my face. But I love how it make my face feels fresh. If I found this product again, I probably buy it. :D

- make my face feels clean and refresh
- 100% natural

- strong herbal smell

- Yes if I found it.

So have you tried this mask? I can't find this anywhere at the store near me.. Have you seen this brand?



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