Makeup Review : Drawing Eye Brow (Etude House)

I rarely use or bought eyebrow, however I got this for free and I started using it. So this is shade #3.

So this pencil have a lot of shade. Last time I count it have 7 shade. Mine is dark brown shade. It is interesting seeing an eyebrow that have a lot of shade that suitable for everyone. 

They said :
This is a pencil type eyebrow that fills in between brow hair 
How to apply 
1. Fill in between hairs with wider surface
2. Draw brow line and delicate edges with slimmer surface.
Source : Etude House

So this eyebrow pencil have 2 ended point. One is the liner and another is the brush. It is handy as it have the brush embedded into the pencil. 

So this syebrow pencil have this triangle shape. I guess it is make it easier to make an arch. So this one have a dark brown shade. Suitable for me. 

So this eyebrow pencil is nice and it last a long time. Overall, I love this one as it have brush. 

- embedded with brush
- variety of shade
- last a long time

- none

- Probably, I don't really need eyebrow.

So have you tried this product? What do you think? Pity that Etude House store near me all have closed down. I can't browse the makeup at store anymore.  



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