Hair Review : Hair Dye Raspberry Pink (Beautylabo)

My first time buying a hair dye.. I bought this Beatylabo as it have discounted price. RM14.00.. Cheap right LOL.. 

So this Beautylabo have 6 shade and I bought the Raspberry Pink one. It have a nice red colour. 

They said :
Easy & Quick Application
With the fine non-drip cream, application is easy and quick. Simply apply with hands.
Perfect Coloring Results
Even & long-lasting color from roots to ends with moisturizing coconut & almond oil.
Source : Beautylabo

So this kit contains the bottle with solution no 2 and a sachet of solution 1, a pair of glove and the nozzle for application. Oh yea the manual. 

So the manual stated that we need to have this allergy test 24 hours before using this product.

So this the mix for the allergy test. At first the mix become dark purple colour than the next morning the colour started to darken become dark red. 

So this is the time to use this. First wear old tshirt that you don't mind getting stain on. Then wear the glove. Then I mix the mixture and shake it.. 

So this is the solution after mixing a purple colour. Then applied to all of your hair evenly. Well for the first time, The application is kinda easy.. Messy a bit. 

So after 30 minutes wash your hair. I have a virgin black hair, I know that if you want to the colour to show you need to bleach first but I don't really want to bleach my hair. So can see my hair become more kinda red but it is not noticeable. People doesn't realize I dye my hair LOL.. However under the sunlight my hair really show the red colour. It really nice colour. 

In terms of my hair texture after the dye, it kinda make my hair become coarse and kinda frizzy. The box doesn't provide any hair treatment so I use my own hair mask. 

The colour kinda last about a month or 2.. I read the some people experience that the hair dye only last 2 or 3 weeks. So it depends how you take care of it. I use hair shampoo that is for dye hair. My hair have grown so I can see slightly different between my new hair and the dye one. Overall, the hair dye is quite good..

- cheap
- last longer than expected
- easy to apply

- kinda messy
- make my hair frizzy
- doesn't provide hair treatment

- probably yes. It is so cheap LOL

So have you tried this hair dye? What do you think?



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