Makeup Review : Tea Tree Oil (Aiken)

This is an oil that need to be applied externally at acne..

They said :
"Use at the first sign of blemishes. Tea Tree Oil helps protect skin naturally without the flaking of skin. It is effective and gentle enough for use on all skin types.
Directions :
- Dab oil on finger and apply directly onto blemishes and affected areas or wherever skin is prone to breaking out.
- Also suitable for use on cuts, wounds, minor burns and insect bites. "

This is the old packaging and right now the have a new packaging and better formula. 

The price is around RM14++. Pricey for the small bottle. 

So this bottle is only 10ml but is can be used for a long time. This product have a really strong herbal smells. 

I never expected that this product is really works. It managed to calms my acne and the acne scar. It even lightens the blemishes. Eventhough the smell is really strong but I like how it treat my acne. 

Overall, I love this products and this is my second bottle. I really recommended this products. 

- Reduce the acne and lightens the scars

- Have a strong smell
- Pricey

- Yes this is my second bottles 



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