Makeup Review : Play 101 Pencil - 16 (Etude House)

I bought this pencil for a lip liner.. 

They said:
- Simply full makeup: Various pencils which could be used for eyues, lips, cheeks, etc.
- Rich color with a single drawing: Rich and pigmented colors that do not need layering over and over.
- 5 various textures: Creamy, matte, glossy, shimmering, and glitter types available. Pick your favorite texture and experience the easy and fast makeup
- Long lasting waterproof function: Made of 'highly functional waterproof polymer'* for long-lasting makeup.
(*'Highly functional waterproof polymer' is NOT applied to some of glossy type items) 
- Creamy: Soft drawing texture with rich colors.
- Matte: Soft drawing but powdery finishing. Recommend to use as eyebrow, eyeshadow, concealer, and base.
- Glossy: Moist texture that can simply fill up crease. Recommend to use as blusher and lips.
- Shimmering: Delicate glittering color for urbane look.
- Glitter: Glittering texture for dramatic and fancy makeup.
Source : etudehouse

The pencil that I bough #16 is a cream type. 

So for a lip liner this pencil doesn't not work really well. it is hard to line the lip as it hard to blend out and I ended up broke it as try really hard to line up my lips. Maybe I got the wrong formula. I should get the glossy one. Oh well this will ended up in my makeup drawer LOL.. 
Maybe it will be good as eyeshadow? 

- have a nice colour payoff

- not suitable for the lip liner. 

- Maybe not in this color and formula.

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