Makeup Review : Tinted Lipbalm (LipIce)

Recently I have been a lip balm addict. Suddenly I want to try all kinds of lip balms. So this time I bought LipIce Tinted Lipbalm. I picked the most pigmented one. The price RM11.50

Revitalise those dull lips!
Lipice Tinted Lipbalm gives you a hint of color to enhance your natural lip color while providing long lasting moisture for velvety soft, smooth lips. Get full and vivacious lips the fun way with natural hues of pink and red that infuses with yummy fruity flavours. With just a smooth glide, your lips revitalises with a burst of moisture and natural lip colour while you enjoy the fruity flavour that stays on your lips.
Intense Hydration - Contain Hyaluronic Acid to lock-up and provide long-lasting moisture
Firming - Collagen helps to improve lips texture and elasticity
Anti-Oxidant - Vitamin E to repair dry lips, keeping them smooth and healthy
UV Protection - SPF 15 to protect from harmful UV rays

Source : LipIce Malaysia

It have three types:
-WIld Berry
- Rasberry
- Strawberry

Yummy lipbalm LOL. I bought the Wil Berry one. It is the most pigmented one among the other three.

I have pigmented lips so the colour is barely visible. However it kinda have this oily and shiny texture. If you are not fans of this texture you might hate it. I don't really mind this oily feeling. It is actually kinda moisturizing. The colour will not survive the heavy meal and if without eating and drinking it really last long. It have these fruity smell and I love it. 

Overall, I love this lipbalm as it have SPF and I usually wear it when I'm going outside and sometimes before using lipstick. But it kinda oily so I rarely used it before using lipstick or liptint. 

-fruity smell

- kinda oily

-Yes I want to try other colours!!



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