Makeup Review : Proof 10 Eye Primer (Etude House)

I bough this gel liner that doesn't work. So I bought this eye primer hoping that it can make my eye liner last longer. I bought it at Etude House with the price RM35.90

Proof 10 Eye Primer supplies coverage to eyelids and around the eyes to enhance eye shadow color and intergrity for a longer lasting, Perfect 10 look.

Source : Etude House

The eye primer is packed in the box. 

The eye primer is in the liquid form and it have wand applicator. It have brownish colour and after blended the colour have blended with the skin. I used it on the eyeshadow, it doesn't really make any differences, maybe because of the eyeshadow colour. However the lasting is really great!! It make my gel liner to lasts really long. Even with my oily lids it managed to last long. :D I think I have found my favourite eye primer!!!

It cute how Etude House design most of their products with the same design. It look the same and have the same height as the liquid liner. Click here for review. 

There are times when the product seems like have finished. Then I decided to cut open the tube.. There are a lot of product left!!! It fit two parts on contact lens case. Make sure you tightly close the caps or the product will dry out... 

- really make my eyeliner to lasts a longer times.

- none

- Do I need to say more? Yes YES!!



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