This is the time for new mascara!!! Yay.. Mascara is the items that need to used within 3 months (source). So I usually use it a lot and everyday so that it finish quickly, rather than throwing it away when it still have a lot of product. Waste of money!!

Anyway, after browsing here and there I finally decided to try Za's mascara. It even have free gift, mascara curler!! I love free gift LOL. The price is RM36. 

Instantly achieves Super curl & Volume lashes !
Liquid Absorption up to 170%.
Ultra Volume Brush
Big brush with great amount of mascara liquid instantly creates long-lasting, separated and upward volume lashes without clumps.
Volume Curl Formula
Gives your lashes long-lasting volume & curl.

Source : Za

So this is the box of the mascara. I just love Za's box. It kinda looks sporty LOL.

It have a nice pink-black colour. The brush is kinda big. The product really does as it stated. It really curled and volumizing my lashes. However it still clumps sometimes. The formula is really waterproof and stayed the same for the whole day. The staying power is really great that it becoming really hard to remove. I have to used a really great eye and lip makeup remover. I think I'm gonna try Za's makeup remover. ;)

From all mascara that I have bought, this mascara really make different to my eyes. It make my eyes big.

- volumizing and curl my lashes
- waterproof and long lasting

- does clump my lashes sometimes 
- really hard to remove the mascara

- Probably but I want to try other type mascara :D



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