Makeup Review : Oh~ m'Eye Line (Etude House)

I went to Etude House the other day. I wanted a black gel liner but then I get attracted by this liquid liner - grey colour. It have an interesting colour xD.

The normal price is RM25.90.

This highly pigmented, smudge-proof liquid liner goes on smoothly for precise application and creates strong, beautiful lines that last. 

Source : Etude House

This eyeliner have 3 colours that are (from the left):
#1 Grey
#2 Black
#3 Brown

I get myself the grey one. 

It have a really long handle. The colour is black but not as pigmented as Black eyeliner. The interesting about this grey colour is it have a fine glitter in it. I think black and brown have no glitter. 

It is not waterproof but at least it doesn't smudge. I have an oily and monolid eyes. So when I sweat a lot it will be gone. At the end of the day when I have sweat a lot, the eyeliner will be gone and there are a bit of glitter at my eyes. But even it is not resistant to sweat, there are no traces of the eyeliner smudging and doesn't make me have a panda eyes at the end of the day.

When apply it have a cooling sensation and it dry in 1-2 minutes. The drying period is kinda average. I ended up mess up the eyeliner if I blink too quickly after applied the eyeliner :P. 

Overall, this eyeliner is decent enough. It doesn't smudge and stay longer if I didn't sweating. 

- cheap
- interesting colour
- doesn't smudge
- stay longer if I don't sweating a lot
- no panda's eyes at the end of the day

- not waterproof

- Maybe not. I'm not really a fan of liquid liner and I want to try other brands. 



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