2015 Resolution!!

Couple of days more for me to reach 25.. Last year many stuff that happen.. Good and bad. Mostly bad. Everything make me see thing in new perspective. This year my resolution are...

1- To graduate as soon as possible. 

I'm tired of this political nonsense. I just want to graduate and leave every bad stuff behind.

2- Enjoy life more.

Yes I want to travel and go to many places. I'm gonna fill my facebook with a lot of pictures that fill with beautiful scenery!!

3. Appreciate everything around me.

I took stuff for granted. My laptop, my phone, my families and even my friends.. After I lost my phone, laptop, I can really see who is really good to me. I even have nice families that supported me and actually bought me a new smartphone (A really expensive one!!). Losing stuff really make me appreciate it more. I'm gonna appreciate everything around me!!

4. Leave all negative vibe behind

I don't want to care about the negative stuff people keep talking about. It will took away my positive vibe!!

I think everything that happen last year have their own silver lining. I will keep on going!!



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