Makeup Review : Clear Smooth Minerals B.B Cream (Maybelline)

Next review on BB Cream. I think this is my first or second BB Cream. No information this time because I can't find any information on Maybelline web. Maybe it have discontinued? 

Anyway, I have bought this BB Cream a long time ago. I don't remember the price and the product already dried out. But the price is definitely more cheaper than normal BB Cream that is less than RM30.00. 

No product testing as it already dried out. This BB Cream definitely even my skin tone and cover my pores. It have some a bit of shiny effect. The oil control? Not so much. After 1 - 2 hours my skin started to become oily. It suitable for Normal to Dry skin.

- cheap
- cover pores
- even skin tone

- not suitable for oily skin
- have a shiny effect after use

- No. It is not suitable for my oily skin. 



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