Makeup Review : Foamy Makeup Remover (Bifesta)

When I heard the rave of Bifesta, I just can't help of wanting to try this makeup remover. My Biore's makeup remover cleanser have finish so I get Foamy Makeup Remover from Bifesta

It have 3 types of foamy makeup remover. I get the pink one. 

Blue - For brighter skin
Orange - For anti-ageing 
Pink - With moisturizing effect

Price around RM24.90. I bought with discounted price. It even have a free bubble maker sponge. Haha. Available at local drugstore and mall.

1st trial. I try to remove the makeup by using the bubble maker. 

This makeup remover doesn't produce a lot of foam. Maybe I put too little product but compare to Biore Makeup Remover Facial Foam, Biore's make more bubble. So this Bifesta, doesn't remove everything. It remove the basic makeup like BB Cream, concealer but not the waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It can't even remove the lip tint and Elianto's brilliant riche lip colour. 

2nd trial. I try to make a foam without the foam maker. I'm only using my hand.

The results is still the same. It remove the basic makeup but not the waterproof makeup. 

Overall, this makeup remover can remove basic makeup like face makeup but not waterproof one. So I usually remove the eyes and lip makeup by using specific eye and lip makeup remover. Then I wash my face by using the Bifesta foamy makeup remover. 

As a cleanser, it really remove oil at my face and make my face refresh. After a long day, using this makeup remover make my face refresh haha. The pink one is moisturizing and when I use it, it really feels moisturize. 

Anyway, this makeup remover is great as makeup remover and cleanser because I don't need to do double cleansing but it doesn't remove waterproof makeup. 

- doesn't need double cleansing
- cheap (It is a lot product in one bottle)
- make my face feels refresh

- can't remove waterproof makeup

- Maybe not. I want to try other makeup remover



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