Done With the Infosys.. What now?

In the middle of finishing  up what the leftover of my FYP.. No progress  from the last presentation. Need to work extra hard. 

In the middle  of  doing the project suddenly I decided  to open my FB and wow.. A lot of notification and mostly  from my Infosys friends. Suddenly it kinda bring back memory. Well it just few days after I finish up the  Infosys but I am so  busy doing a lot of stuff. Interviewing and getting my life back.. So when I see post about Infosys I really  miss those moments. I miss being at lab all day.. 8.30am-6.30am and back to the  lab at 8.30pm until sometimes until 3.00am. Yeah  a hectic life  but I already get   used to it.

What  I miss a lot  is the  environment there. I miss all those laughter's, those craziness , those drama and all those  teasing..  What  I miss  the most is  the  people there.. 71  person really a huge number but I do feel closer than  them.. Almost 2 months feels  like a one whole  semester..

wow I miss the lab =.=;

So after this  what I'm  going to do? Everyone is going  back to different path..  Working, continue studying and perhaps marrying.. And me.. I guess starting the  new chapter about my life.. Starting my practical.. No more classes and happy,  stressful environment.. Gonna miss those moments.. So begin my working career.. I  want to study forever =.=;

It is amazing how  fast time work.  Meeting all  unfamiliar people getting know them and suddenly a farewell. It is  true  that every meeting  have a farewell but  there will always got the everlasting  bonding called  friendship  :D


Gonna miss you guys!!! XD



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