How far will you go to achieve your dream?

Conversation between my roommate and I when we were watching movie...

Me: This is stupid..

My Roommate: What is it?

Me: This movie is.. Getting hurt and maybe getting paralyzed forever and just to get what? Getting into final?

My roommate: Well his dream is getting to final..

Me: Then just because of that he is ignoring his body condition and may get paralyzed.. and worse he may not get to play what he likes forever. What if he is not going to the final? What if with all the suffering and hardwork he still not getting into final... Then what?

My roommate: Then he can say that he had done all his best to achieve his dreams. With all this hardwork he know now that dreams are hard to achieve. Even he can't achieve his dreams but these hardwork matures him.

It is great to have dream. What matter is not you achieving your dreams but how you get them. All the process and hardwork of trying to achieve it is what is important. It matures you...

You always can say.. "At least I tried my best to achieve my dream and you who just doing nothing have no right to judge me" :p

Remind me of these song : Climb



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