Makeup Review : Easy Cover Stick Concealer (Face Shop)

Another concealer from face shop. I bought the stick type. The price RM24.50.

They said :
  • The creamy textured concealer perfectly covers imperfections on your skin in just one touch.
  • A handy easy to carry concealer stick.
  • Formulated with organic ingredients & safe to use.
  • Help hide dark spots acne spots blemishes and puffiness.
  • Events out skin color.
  • Leaves a flawless complexion.
  • Available in two universal shades.
Source : online shop

The concealer have two shade V201 and N203 and I got myself N203

The concealer works fair. It does cover the blemish however they it doesn't fully cover my acne scar and my eye bags. It only work blemish that is not too visible. I think the concealer doesn't last but at least it doesn't leave any white cast when I have sweat a lot.

Overall this product is decent. I think I love it as it doesn't leave a white cast at my face.

- cheap
- doesn't leave a white cast after sweating

- doesn't work on really bad eye bags or blemishes. 

- No, I want to try other products :D


ieyra h. said…
I didn't know The Face Shop offers such an affordable price for a concealer. I always thought they sell expensive stuffs at their stores (compare to online pricing).

ieyra h. | blog
kei said…
@ieyra h. : I forget to mention that the price after discount. The original price is RM30.63. I always by products when they are on sale. LOL

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