Makeup Review : Play 101 Pencil #45 & #49 (Etude House)

I think I'm late in posting this review as there are a lot of new products based on this pencil. But anyway, I'm just gonna post this and go LOL. I bought this pencil as I wanted to use as eyeshadow. The price is RM 46 each. 

They said:
- Multi-Functional Pencil for quick and easy point makeup — from lip, eye to cheek
- Quick & East Multi-Functional Auto Pencil
- Multi-Functional Pencil that can be used for various purposes such as eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow, lip, blusher, concealer, etc.
- Easy-to-use Auto pencil with sharpener included for a delicate styling
- Waterproof, Vivid coloring
- Rich, vivid coloring even without applying multiple layers
- Long lasting without the waterproof function smudging (except for the glossy type)
- 5 textures to choose from
Source : Etude House

I just love seeing Pony using this product. I think the reason why I want to try this is because of Pony LOL.

So I bought two. #49 and #45. #45 is glitter type and I think #49 is creamy type. Well #49 is easier to blend compare #45. 

As an eyeshadow. #49 is easier to use as it easy to blend and #45 kinda hard to blend. 

Overall, I love the concept of multi-purpose pencil. Etude House have come out with bigger pencil. I think it called stick? Well I'm gonna buy it when they have promotions LOL. Anyway, I want to but more this pencil as I want to use it as lip liner and blusher. 

- multi-purpose pencil
- easy to use

- some type is hard to blend
- pricey

- Yes. I just love their concept. I want to try other colours.

So have you try this pencil? What do you think? I just love to use the same pencil everywhere :D

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Play 101 Pencil #45 & #49 Review - click here 



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